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A student's overall experience at school is much more than studies and classes. Over the years at MPH, clubs have come and gone with changing interests and fads. What remains today is an extensive list of opportunities for our students to learn a hobby, obtain a more global perspective on life, expand their circle of friends, put their stamp of approval on issues of great importance in the community, and simply get involved!

Download the extracurricular activity form here (to be completed for participation.)

Lower & Middle School Clubs

Chess Club (Grades 1-12)

Explorication (Grades PreK-3)


Check back soon for 2016-17 offerings!


Upper School Clubs

View full details here


3D Modeling

Bicycle Mechanics

Bluegrass Club

Book Club

Chinese Club

Debate Club

E-Sport Club

French Club

Gaming Club

Gay Straight Alliance

Green Avengers

Greenhouse Club

Hacker Scouts

Harry Potter Club

Hip Hop Club

History Day Club

Historical Movie Club

Jazz Ensemble

Knitting Club

Comic Journal


Math League

Mentors for Violence Prevention

MPH Outdoors Club

National Honor Society

Patriots Club

Photography Club

Prom Committee

Science Olympiad

Ski Club

Shakespeare Society

Spanish Club

Sports Club

Stock Trading Club

Student Council

Varsity Choir

Writing Club