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At MPH, athletics are for everyone -- athletes and enthusiasts alike. Every student has the opportunity to participate in any sport, and many choose more than one during the year. It often happens that a student who may not have been a part of a team before attending MPH finds the opportunity and encourgement here to play a team sport. This does not mean our teams are not competitive! MPH regularly fields sectional and state championship teams.

Interscholastic sports start in Seventh Grade with our modified teams. Our varsity teams play in the Onondaga High School League (OHSL). At MPH, team coaches are generally faculty members who know and mentor students on the playing field, as well as in the classroom.

The following list of current sports illustrates the diversity of athletic opportunities at MPH.

Download the Sports Participation Form here.

Click on the sport to see the current schedule:

Upper School Athletics Middle School Athletics
Fall Season  Fall Season

Winter Season

  • Basketball- Boys Varsity
  • Volleyball- Girls Vasity
  • Volleyball - Girls JV




Winter Season

  • Basketball - Boys Modified
  • Basketball - Boys JV
  • Volleyball - Modified


 Spring Season  

  • Golf - Boys Varsity
  • Lacrosse - Boys Varsity
  • Lacrosse - Girls Varsity
  • Track and Field - Boys Varsity
  • Track and Field - Girls Varsity
  • Tennis - Boys Varsity
  • Softball - Girls Varsity

 (Note: We are combined with Bishop Grimes, they are the host school)

Spring Season

  • Lacrosse - Boys Modified

(Note: We are combined with Onondoga Central, they are the host school)

  • Track and Field - Boys Modified
  • Track and Field - Girls Modified
  • Softball - Girls JV
  • Golf - Boys JV