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At Manlius Pebble Hill, the focus of student life is on academic work, but there are a wealth of other activities that support and enrich that focus. The fine and performing arts, for example, are an important part of the academic curriculum at MPH, but they also lend much to the school's lively atmosphere. Dramatic performances are always being either planned or performed, and during the week of the Upper School Musical or the Suzuki String Concert, all eyes on campus turn toward the theater. Fine Arts also showcase the importance of artistic expression in the school's daily life, with a rotating schedule of paintings, drawings, and sculpture, by professionals as well as students, filling the Solomon Family Gallery.

Opportunities for students to challenge themselves outside the curriculum are found in many different areas. Students exercise leadership in Student Council, the Judicial Committee, the Head's Advisory Committee, and National Honor Society, among others. As early as First Grade, students can participate in International club and Chess club, and new programs are introduced regularly into the extracurricular circuit.

The school also makes many athletic opportunities available. Varsity and junior varsity participation is offered in soccer, basketball, alpine skiing, lacrosse, softball and many other sports. There is a no-cut policy, so that anyone who wishes to participate may join a team. This open formula still creates winning teams. MPH has captured league and sectional championships, as well as state championships, in soccer and boys tennis and individual championships in skiing.

In short, the MPH experience is more than a rigorous academic curriculum. Opportunities abound to get involved in the life of the school beyond the classroom, not only for students but for parents as well. Throughout this section of the website, you will find information about this important aspect of being a part of the MPH community. Dive in and make the most of these unique and varied opportunities. You'll be glad that you did!