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Parents' Association Grants

MPH Parents’ Association Fund- Grant Application Process


1.  Financial support will be available for student groups and faculty members only.  All funds are derived from campus shop proceeds and are designated by a Parents Association sub-committee.


2.  PA Fund grants will be awarded solely for school-related events, activities, projects, and other needs identified to be in the interest of educational advancement.  Partial or full funding may be approved and is solely up to the discretion of the PA grant Ccmmittee.


3.  The PA grant committee is composed of the interested MPH parents (as indicated through the volunteer survey or direct request).  The criteria for membership is to attend and participate in all grant review meetings as requested by the PA President.


4.  The PA Fund grant application procedure:

           a.  Fill out and submit an online application*.

*Applications may be submitted electronically or downloaded and placed in theAdvancement mailbox in the Faculty Lounge.

           b. All applications received will be reviewed within three weeks of submission by the committee. The PA President will email the request to all committee members for review. The committee will schedule a meeting to discuss each grant indivually.  The applicant may be asked to make a brief presentation about the specific activity, project, or other need, to the PA grant committee.

           c. The grant committee will make the final determination via email and President will notify the appliacnt of the following:


There are three possible outcomes:

1. Approved, with partial or full financial assistance offered.

2. Postponed, until questions or concerns are answered.  The application may be re-submitted.

3. Denied, if not found to be appropriate for a PA grant.


Submit your grant application online!

Contact Us

For more information, please contact:

Kelly Rose
Director of Development/Parents' Association Liason
315/446-2452, ext. 112