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Tree of Life Society

The Tree of Life Society, founded in June of 1995, recognizes alumni and friends who have made a legacy gift to Manlius Pebble Hill School. Legacy gifts may be made through a will, charitable trust, life estate arrangement, or insurance policy.

Although the School does not require any documentation in order to recognize a legacy commitment, we would appreciate any specific information you would be willing to provide for our files.

Members of the Society are recognized through a large plaque in the McNeil Science and Communications Center Gallery. To become a member of the Society, please send in the Tree of Life form or contact Kelly Gillis-Rose, Director of Development, at 315/446-2452, ext. 112.

Tree of Life Society

as of 10/2016


Kathy and Mark Adelson

In honor of Virginia Satterfield

Michael P. Alford ’63

Mary Ellen M. Andrews

Phillip M. Andrews ’99

Russ Andrews ’64

Lydia P. Arnold

Wheeler Carr Bachman *

Baxter F. Ball *

Edward Barber *

Elisabeth Barker ’70

Don and Janet Barter

Richard and Patricia Barter

Daniel S. Baum ’65

Charles W. Beach

Frederick B. Benedict ’58A *

Hugh I. Biele ’60HQ *

Bill Bisgrove *

Donald Blair and Nancy Dock

Joseph Bovalino *

John M. Brooks ’39C

Eugene Chappell

Paul ’52B and Barbara Clark

George Clune ’43C *

Robert J. Costa ’53B

Virginia “Jake” and Andy Craig ’50C

Doug Craig ’89

Peg Cram *

John ’59HQ and Charlotte Cryan

Jim and Ceme Curley

Patrick Danial ’98

James Dawley ’40 *

Les ’46A * and Marsha Deming

Tom Denton ’65

Richard and Therese Driscoll

Anna Dodge *

Anne and John Endries

Edward W. Foley, Jr. ’28 *

Friedman/Heavenrich Family

Karl Gates ’77

John Gibson *

Stuart R. Grossman ’56

Tom and Penny Gunerman

Bob and Jan Hampton

Stewart F. Hancock, Jr. ’40* and Ruth (Pass) Hancock ’40

Robert “Dudley” Harrington ’51C *

Jack M. Hastings, Jr. ’40* and Peggy Hastings

Martha L. Heer *

Jennifer Hicks

Charlotte and Alexander Holstein

Gloria Hooper-Rasberry

Tami and Gary Huested ’63B

Charlotte and Jim Inglis ’59B

John Joiner ’57

Dan S. Jonas and Alexandra C. Epsilanty

Laura and Ed Jordan

Walter Keating ’48B *

Elspeth and George Kerr ’51B *

David and Margaret Kunz

Laura Lavine ’73

Bill* and Sue Leahey

John (Tod) Leggat and Shannon Magari Leggat

Elizabeth and Reginald Lenna ’32B *

Mary (Rugh) Lerner – in memory of J. T. Rugh, Jr.

Gelene and Robert B.* Lewis ’45

Charles A. Lewis ’79

Susan and Peter Manolakos

William M. Marcussen ’43B

John F. Marsellus ’32 *

George McCrillis *

Edward W. McNeil

Crandall and Alice * Melvin III ’74

Kathy and Dan Mezzalingua ’56C

Lynn F. and Robert I. Miller

Melissa and Stephen Montgomery

Tina Morgan

Claire A. Myers-Usiatynski ’72

A. Boyd Pixley ’08HQ*

Susan Platner ’66

Pamela Marie (Usiatynski) Pollack ’05

William and Carol Porter

Robert H. Reakirt *

Tom ’59A and Trudy Rhoades

Kelly and Jeremy Rose

Seymour Roth *

Elaine Rubenstein

Kathy Ruscitto

Virginia P. Satterfield

Elizabeth W. Shake

James C. Shake

Jason and Donna (Blount) Sherr ’89

Maryon Simmons *

Robert ’50 * and Tanya Simonton

In honor of Peter Manolakos, Alex and Chuckie Holstein, Fran Gates, and Tina Morgan

Elwyn L. Smith, Jr. ’37 *

Robert Smutny*

Jon Statler ’68A

William V. Stone, Jr. ’55

Jamie Sutphen

Sara (Lewis) Temes ’96 and David Temes ’97

Robert J. Theis, Jr. ’67B

Terry Turnipseed

George and MJ Urist

Rielly (Andrews) Vlassis ’97

Estate of Carolyn W. and Guido Verbeck, Jr. ’32E*

Charles Verbeck ’48C *

Guido F. Verbeck III

Kathy and Jon Verbeck

Rielly ’97 and Dax Vlassis

Claudie and Jack Wells ’60B

Orrin B. Werntz ’21C *

Dorothy Witherill *

Leba Zaborny

Elaine S. and Richard J. Zerveck ’37B *

Brahim Zogby