Resources for Giving

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Resources for Giving

While cash is often used to fund a planned gift, there are other assets you will find useful in accomplishing your philanthropic objectives: Long-term appreciated stock; bonds; real estate; in-kind gifts such as equipment and services; business interests which generate income or can be sold and reinvested.

Gifts of life insurance can benefit MPH in the future. While an existing policy is preferable, the school is happy to talk about new policies with friends who believe this arrangement is the way they can best fulfill their wish to make a major commitment to the School.

Gifts of IRAs and Retirement Funds

Gifts of IRAs and Retirement Funds to the school can have added tax benefits. Proceeds of such accounts are normally taxable to the beneficiary. However, no income tax is required when charities are designated as the beneficiary. In appropriate cases, gifts of these funds can be a true win-win gift solution.