The Phoenix Student Center

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Joining the Head Boy plaques, the Manlius flagpole, the WWI & II monuments, Knox Hall medallions and benches, The Phoenix will serve as another reminder that the spirit of Manlius is alive and well. Its traditions preserved and its mission unbroken.

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Director of Advancement
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The Phoenix Student Center

This capital campaign has provided MPH a rare opportunity to incorporate some of our School’s rich history into the current campus. We are pleased to announce that the beloved “Phoenix Tavern” from The Manlius School campus will be recreated in the new Phoenix Student Center.

Yes, “THE PHOENIX IS RISING”… literally this time!  

Student energy and laughter has once again resounded in the Phoenix, as the Phoenix Student Center fills Manlius Pebble Hill’s critical need for student-centered space.  The building has just opened for the 2014/15 school year.

Modeled after the original Phoenix architecture, this new building replaces the outdated “Breezeway” and encompass multi-functional spaces. The Phoenix Student Center include a new home for the Campus Shop (which will double as a snack bar for athletic games), comfortable student gathering space, the Heath Office, and new restrooms.

The Phoenix Student Center also serves as a secure entrance for student drop-off and pick-up and provides MPH with a welcoming entrance for evening events in the gym and dining hall, allowing the rest of the School to remain secure after hours.



History of the Phoenix at our School

The Phoenix is a symbol long affiliated with our School. The legendary bird, which rose from the ashes of a fire and gave hope of rebirth, was first associated with The Manlius School after a 1902 fire destroyed its main academic building.

The School rebuilt, emerging from the fire stronger and even more determined to not allow circumstances to deter its academic mission. Over the years, the Phoenix came to symbolize other periods of change, during which the School reassessed, made necessary course adjustments, and regained strength.

The Phoenix was also a literal symbol on the Manlius campus, with the construction in the 1950s of the Phoenix Tavern.

A student snack bar and lounge, The Phoenix Tavern quickly became a memorable part of campus life. It provided a necessary respite from rigorous academic demands and gave students a place to call their own. With proprietor Charlie Parsons at the helm, many a laugh echoed inside the walls of the Phoenix.

With our recreation of that landmark building, a new generation of students will share in the history of the Manlius School and will have a Phoenix to call their own.


The Phoenix Rises…

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