Campaign Contributions

For more information, please contact:

Tina Morgan
Director of Advancement
315/446-2452, ext. 124


Thank you to our "Finish the Phoenix" Supporters!

Feather Supporters - $1,000

Maureen Anderson

John Andrusko and Bob Garn - The 1954 Manlius Football Team

Aaron J. Krakower ’53B

Sue Leahey

Tina Morgan

Claire Myers-Usiatyski '72

Sanford and Delia Temes


Flame Ignitors - $5,000

The Manlius School Class of 1963:

  • Stu Hirsch ’63B
  • Gary and Tami Huested ’63B
  • Brian and Shirley Sichol ’63A
  • Carole and Joe Stevens ’63HQ
  • John Wilson ’63B

Marsha and Les Deming '46A

Battlement Founders - $10,000

Jon Statler ’68A

Claudie and Jack Wells ’60B

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Campaign Contributions

Listed below are the generous friends of the School who have already made a pledge to the Campaign. If you would like to have your name included in this list, please call Tina Morgan, Director of Advancement, at 315/446-2452, ext. 124.


Gifts of $1,000,000 or more



Gifts of $250,000 or more
John Lenore ’47A and Dorothy Lenore

Jamie Lenore and Michelle Lenore

Edward W. McNeil
Daniel Mezzalingua ’56C and

Kathy Mezzalingua
Robert J. Smutny


Gifts of $100,000 or more

Community Foundation for Southeastern Michigan

MacLaren Cummings ’97

Patrick J. Danial '98

Hadwen Fuller '66A and Corinne Fuller

Walter Keating

John Lenore '47A and Dorothy Lenore

Paul Sack and Sarah Sack

Estate of Guido Verbeck, Jr. '32E and Carolyn Verbeck

Stephen Wynn '59HQ


Gifts of $50,000-$99,999

William Allyn and Penny Allyn

William Bisgrove

Peter Carmen and Mary Beth Carmen

CNY Community Foundation

Richard Doust '61 and Joan Doust

Michael Falcone and Noreen Falcone

The Edward E. Ford Foundation

Tom Kniesner and Debbie Freund

William Futera and Cheryl Futera

Robert Goldman and Karen Goldman

Baird Hansen '71 and Muffy Hansen

Elizabeth L. Knox

Peter Kuniholm and Eleanor Kuniholm

Peter Manolakos and Susan Manolakos

Shawn Marshall '92 and Katherine Marshall

John Ramsey '59A and Jo-Anne Sheldon

Thomas Rhoades '59A and Trudy Rhoades

Elaine Rubenstein

Joseph Scuderi and Julie Scuderi

Syd Silverman ’50C and Joan Silverman

James Stoneman ’44B and Thea Stoneman

Andrew Sussman and Caroline Sussman

Richard Zerveck USAF '37B and Elaine Zerveck


Gifts of $25,000-$49,999

Roland Anderson, Jr. '66B and Tacie Anderson

Curt Andersson and Susan Andersson

Baxter F. Ball

Gifts to The Baxter F. Ball Memorial Fund

Frederick B. Benedict ’58A

Steven Brechin and Nancy Cantor

James Bright and Cynthia Bright

Larry Charlamb and Jayne (Rubenstein) Charlamb '87

Leslie Deming '46A and Marsha Deming

Donald Blair and Nancy L. Dock

Thomas Gunerman and Penny Gunerman

Dan Bingham and Gail Hamner

Daniel Jonas and Alexandra Epsilanty

Merrill Lynch Matching Gifts

Robert Miller and Lynn F. Miller

The Miller Family Foundation

Sinan Mimaroglu and Debra Mimaroglu

Paul Morton II '59A and Sandy Morton

Eric Mower and Judith C. Mower

Radhika Reddy and Narayana P. Reddy

Schwab Charitable Fund

James Shake and Elizabeth Shake

Jon M. Statler '68A

Kyle Storie and Cheryl Storie

Lydia Arnold Turnipseed and Terry L. Turnipseed

George Urist and M.J. Urist

Lawrence Van Der Bogart and Wendy Van Der Bogart '74

Jack Wells, Jr. '60B and Claudette Wells



Gifts of $10,000-$24,999


Mark Adelson and Kathy Adelson

Scott Allyn and Laura Allyn

Russell Andrews '64 and Linda Henley

Chester Amond and Lee Amond

Charles Beach and Beth Beach

Eugene J. Chappell

Charitable Gift Fund

Community Foundation of Collier County

Douglas Craig '89 and Amanda Craig

John Danial and Andrea Danial

George Dundon and Mimi Dundon

Howell Estes ’60HQ and Jordana Estes

Stuart Grossman '56 and Marty Sorensen

John Hancock '31 and Frances Hancock

Jennifer L. Hicks

Stuart Hirsch '63B and Ellen Hirsch

Alexander Holstein and Charlotte Holstein

Paul Kardjian

Cheryl Kardjian

Jim Lutton and Barbara Lutton

Rick and Grace Mason

Lance McKee and Susan McKee

Claire A. Myers-Usiatynski '72

Richard Nowak ’60B and Marie Nowak

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church

Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program

William Preston and Patricia Preston

Paul Shanahan, Esq. '76 and Cheryl Shanahan

Jason Sherr and Donna M. (Blount) Sherr '89

Carter Strickland and Nan H. Strickland

John Sutphen '74 and Jamie Sutphen

Robert Theis '67B and Sarah Theis

William Uyeda and Marcia Burkey

Guido F. Verbeck III

Jon Verbeck and Kathy Verbeck

Joshua Wells '89 and Allison Wells

Howard Williams and Linda Morris


Gifts of $9,999 and Below

Larry Adams ’59A
Sharon Adderley-Jones and Dennis Jones

David Allard and Lynne E. Allard

Philip Allen '62A

Kwame Amankwah and Allison Wadsworth

Raymond Appleby and Elizabeth W. Appleby

Gale Arnold

Richard Beckwith ’50B and Sally Beckwith

Charles Beeler '54 and Joan Beeler

Bentley & Hoke, LLC

Donald Berger and Heidi Berger

Cherie Bisnett

Peter Blanck and Wendy Blanck

Bond, Schoeneck & King, PLLC

Thomas Brandon '66B and Pamela Brandon

Donald Brang and Karen S. Brang

Burrows Little Falls Foundation

Ralph Burrows and Marcia Burrows

Christopher Cadin and Albertine Cadin

Tyler S. Cagwin '98

Martha D. Cameron

Gary Carpenter and Carla Carpenter

Robert Connell and Janice Carr

Andrew Church and Regina Church

Margot Clark and Mark Rupert

Charles Clarkson and Sharon Clarkson

Class of 2008

Timothy Cohane '61B

Joseph Colombo and Therese Colombo

Michael Copps and Susan Copps

Sonia Cruz

Edward Curtis and Kathleen Curtis

Thomas Denton '65 and Jan Denton

Louis Dettor and Christine (Woodcock) Dettor '88

Bruce Dew and Lynn K. Dew

Vincent DiMento and Mary Jo DiMento

Christopher Dooher and Silviana Medina-Dooher

Jesse Dowdell and Barbara Fanning-Dowdell

Richard Driscoll and Therese Driscoll

Sherry Eckstein

Edward Foehl '61C

James Ford and Sara (Regan) Ford '89

Susan Foster and Vin Maresco

Jamie Frank and Tracy Frank

Andy Gallery and Nancy Gallery

Keith Gatling and Cheryl Gatling

Allison Garza and Anthony Garza

Stewart C. Gaumer, Jr. '64HQ and Carolyn Gaumer

Angela Glickstein and Barry Glickstein

Mark Godleski and Kasha M. Godleski

William Goff '59B and Catherine Goff

Edward Green and Joan Green

Nancy Green and Anthony Marschall

Chad Gregory and Annmarie Gregory

Gary Grossman and Bonnie Grossman

Susan S. Gullo

T.J. Gunerman ’05

Tom Hadlick and Laurie Hadlick

Bob Hampton and Jan Hampton

Hancock & Estabrook, LLP

Bill Harmand and Kathy Harmand

Charles Heer, Jr. '64 and Sylvia Heer

Joline Hemminger and Sandy Kraker

Chris Hempel and Kristin Hempel

John Hogan and Amy Hogan

Brian and Patricia Hoke

Phil Holstein and Alyse L. Holstein

David Holstein and Jeanne Holstein

Andy Howard and Heather (Sinn) Howard '89

The Hussman Foundation

John Hyatt '59C and Nancy Hyatt

Ronald Jackson and Maria Jackson

Andrey Jackson

Jin Woo Jang and Seunghee Chung

The Jewish Community Foundation

Stephen Johnson '62 and Diane Johnson

Edward Jordan and Laura Jordan

Geoff Kershner and Melissa Kershner

Donna Kiddney and Harry Kiddney

Noël King '71 and Manon King

William Koss '61C

Alexander Koziara and Michele Koziara

Gary J. Lavine and Madaline S. Kudisch

James C. Lawrence

Jeffrey Layhew and Vicki Layhew

William Leahey and Susan B. Leahey

Alexandre Leclerq and Christina Limpert

Brian Lee and Warin Lee

David Lester and Kathryn Lester

Robert Lewis '45 and Gelene (Terpening) Lewis

Jonathan Lichtman '70 and Betsy Lichtman

Alex Leclerq and Christina Limpert

James Loedel and Susan Loedel

Nathan Lutz

Alisa S. (deRosa) Magidoff ’89

W. Robert Maguire '61C

Andre Martineau and Suzette Melendez

Matthew McGinley and Linda McGinley

James McGinty and Noxolo Sephuma

Luke McKenney '80 and Penny McKenney

Timothy Meehan and Donna J. Meehan

John Miller and Ellen Miller

Ahmet Mimaroglu and Hayriye Mimaroglu

Stephen Mintz and Maureen Mintz

Thomas and Lucy Mirante

Fred Montas and Kristen Montas Graves

David L. Montgomery and Deana Montgomery

Stephen Montgomery and Melissa Montgomery

Henry Moran, Jr. '59HQ and Holly Moran

Shawn Morgan and Tina Morgan

Liza T. Morrison

Richard Moseson and Christianne Moseson

Walter Neuhauser and Donna Neuhauser

Dave Neuner and Jenn Neuner

New York Life Foundation

Northwestern Mutual Life

Joseph O'Brien and Mary Kate O'Brien

Cahmlo Olive and Lyndsey Weiner

William O'Malley and Deborah O'Malley

David O'Reilly and Shelly O'Reilly

Robert Ostrander and Majorie Ostrander

In memory of Mrs. Nancy Parker

Jim Perry and Paula Perry

William Porter and Carol Porter

William Preston and Nancy R. Preston

William Preston and Patricia Preston

Thomas Pritchard and Killeen Pritchard

Earl Redding and Marna (Suarez) Redding '96

Craig Regan and Kathleen R. Regan

Nat Reidel ’65 and Dee Burlingame Reidel ’64

William Rezak '59A and Paula Rezak

Rebecca Rhody and Joe Rhody

Charles Richards '59A and Carol Richards

Donald Ridall and Loraine Ridall

Joseph Roach and Barbara G. Roach

Hannah Roth '89 and Kathleen Early

David Rufo and Laura Spring

Michael Salter and Linda Salter

Joshua B. Saltman '00

Virginia Satterfield

Scott Taylor and Carolyn Sawin

Harold W. Schwartz ’62HQ and Linda Schwartz

Mark Stanbro and Beth Scott

Brian Sichol ’63A

David Slocum '48HQ and Ruth Slocum

Gary Slutzky and Amy Slutzky

Ruth (Villency) Small '60

David Smith and Sherilyn Smith

James Sonneborn and Marcene S. Sonneborn

Matt Spear and Karen Spear

Robert Spearing

Pam Steele

Bob Stewart and Pamela Stewart

Carol Stone

John Sullivan '59HQ and Anne Tyler-Sullivan

David Temes '97 and Sara Temes '96

Sandy Temes and Delia C. Temes

Peter Terry and Sylvie Terry

Time Inc. Time to Give Back Campaign

Ralph Torrillo, Jr. '98 and Kimily Torrillo

Ronald Turner and Cynthia L. (Hawkins) Turner '78

Forbes S. Tuttle ’42 and Sally Tuttle

John S. Tuttle

Anne E. Unis

Eric Verley and Mirielle J. Verley

Matt Vural

Elizabeth Vural

Jay Wason '74 and Sara (Deming) Wason '74

Nolan Weidner and Karen L. Weidner

Len Weiner and Kathy Kelly

Jon Wells and Elizabeth (Craig) Wells '93

Grace E. Wentworth

Craig Westfall and Beryl L. Westfall

Stephen Wheeler and Jane Metcalf

Derek Wolfanger and Carolyn Wolfanger

Ed Woodworth and Chris Woodworth

David Worth and Leslie W. Forbes

Peter Wozniak

Joseph Zirkman and Carolyn Frani


**As endowment is an important component of this capital campaign, this listing includes gifts to named funds that reside in the Donor Restricted Institutional Fund during the campaign timeframe (i.e. The Whitey Anderson Scholarship, Goodyear Burlingame Scholarship etc.)