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Whitey Anderson Scholarship

Coach Harold “Whitey” Anderson is a legend at our School both as an alumnus and a beloved faculty member. He first came to Manlius in 1926 as a cadet and while a student, he earned best all-around athlete (1928) and Head Boy (1929.)


Scholarship History: 59bball

This scholarship was established in the spring of 1977 to honor Harold “Whitey” Anderson on the occasion of his retirement from Manlius Pebble Hill. From 1993-2010, a $500 scholarship to Manlius Pebble Hill was awarded each year to an Upper School student of strong character who also shows particular promise in athletics.

At the 2009 Clambake, Manlius alumni showed an interest in fundraising in honor of their former coach. Their goal was to raise enough funds to endowed a scholarship.


Accumulated capital:          $89,475 (as of 6/17/15)



The Harold J. Anderson Scholarship is provided to an Upper School athlete in a team sport who reflects the qualities of a great teammate, demonstrates sportsmanship, possesses high ideals and personal character and excels in his/her ability to effect winning outcomes of the team's games. The recipient must also maintain academic standing that is characterized by responsible attention to his/her school work which qualifies the athlete’s eligibility to participate in Manlius/Pebble Hill team sports.

As monies received has reached the $50,000 level, aWhitey Anderson award recipient is selected as part of the annual admission process. The amount of the scholarship awarded each year is outlined in MPH's spending policy.


Winners:          1993/94 – Toni Marie Torrillo

                        1994/95 – Peter McCaffery

                        1995/96 – Peter McCaffery

                        1996/97 – Sally Jo Torrillo

                        1997/98 – Garrett Carpenter

                        1998/99 - Aaron Robinson

                        1999/00 – Joshua Gordon

                        2000/01 – Erica Poiesz

                        2001/02 – Brian Scruton

                        2002/03 – Josh Chadwick

                        2003/04 – Micah McCurty

                        2004/05 – Micah McCurty

                        2005/06 – Daniel McGowan

                        2006/07 – Daniel McGowan

                        2007/08 – Suzanne Englot

                        2008/09 – Suzanne Englot

                        2009/10 – Polly Englot

                        2010/11 – James Gavigan

                       2011/12- James Gavigan 

                       2012/13- Rowan Johnson

                       2013/14- Rowan Johnson

                       2014/15- Jessica Gavigan 

                       2015/16-Carli Arbon


If you'd like to support Whitey's Scholarship, click on "Give Now" below and follow the instructions to make your pledge/gift. Just put "Whitey Anderson Scholarship" in the special instructions box.





1. If “MPH is not my School,"  why should I give?”

As a Manlius Old Boy, you are an integral part of the MPH community. While you might have attended school on the Manlius campus and worn a military uniform, our mission has remained unchanged:

Since 1869 we have remained first and foremost an educational institution.

  Whitey Anderson was foremost an educator. His passion was to make a constructive difference in    the lives of young people. His influence resonated with people because he genuinely cared. Regardless of the name on the building people like Whitey Anderson need to live on in our society to remind us all of the importance of dedicated men and women in the field of education.

Bill Koss ’61C


MPH preserves and protects The Manlius School heritage, memorabilia, and traditions. Each year we host Manlius reunions both in Syracuse and across the country which connect hundreds of Manlius alumni.

Did you know?

  • Change and growth has always been a part of Manlius. In the first fifty years of its existence Manlius added a military component, relocated its campus, and changed its name (sound familiar?)…they also officially became non-secretarian…and all this was before 1925!  The next fifty years also brought great change with addition of buildings and growth in enrollment and programs.
  • Even if Manlius didn't  merge with Pebble Hill, more change was inevitable as the 1968 Executive Committee of the board of trustees unanimously voted to demilitarize in the next several years.  There was also serious 'pre-merger' discussions in favor of allowing girls to matriculate.
  • Manners Makyth Man is still our motto
  • Winter Carnival is still a favorite student tradition
  • Sports are still an important part of student life. We have 15 varsity sports and currently our boys’ soccer team is ranked #1 in New York State! (10/2010)

MPH has gone to great lengths to maintain the historical connections of the two Schools. Speaking on behalf of the number one nationally ranked Manlius Football Team of 1963, the Manlius Pebble Hill School provided the facilities for several of our Red Knight teammates with their wonderful hospitality last summer, a plaque enshrining our achievement, and our realization of the School’s effort to maintain the historical significance of The Manlius School’s commitment to develop good citizens.

This was evidenced by the staff’s expert historical knowledge of The Manlius School and many of our graduates, the Verbeck Service held on The Manlius Campus during our weekend reunion, and their inexhaustible mission to provide the best education for their students.

Based on one who excelled both athletically and academically, Coach Anderson would be extremely proud   of the Manlius Pebble Hill team.

Stew Gaumer ’64HQ


2. Is MPH is a "rich kids" school?

Fact: Almost 50 percent of all MPH students receive some form of financial assistance.


3. Why should I support the Whitey Anderson Scholarship?

   Whitey Anderson was truly one of the good guys you hope to encounter along the way, especially if you are young and growing.  He loved his athletes and could be quite tough on them.  That was because his expectations of us were so high. He made you want to live up to his expectations and in trying to do so, we all grew tremendously.  He had a very positive impact on my life and I'm pleased and proud to be able to support a scholarship in his name.

Bill Rezak ’59A











If you'd like to support Whitey's Scholarship, click on "Give Now" below and follow the instructions to make your pledge/gift. Just put "Whitey Anderson Scholarship" in the special instructions box.