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The Order of the Phoenix

The Order of the Phoenix is an invitation-only award established in 1908 by the president of the School General William Verbeck. It was originally founded as a means of recognizing service to School and the accomplishments its students, alumni, and faculty.

The Order of the Phoenix was continuously awarded at our School, first at St. John’s, then Manlius, and later Manlius Pebble Hill, until 1973. It was revived during the 2010 Alumni Weekend and will henceforth be awarded annually to alumni, faculty, trustees, former faculty, students, and other special friends of all three schools.

Each year, new members will be inducted during Clambake Weekend’s opening ceremony. The next presentation will occur on Saturday, June 4, 2016 on the MPH campus.

Over 1300 alumni, faculty, and friends of the School have been inducted into the Order of the Phoenix since its inception in 1908. 

The School extends heartfelt thanks to John Ellis ’67HQ our School historian for his work in revitalizing the Order of the Phoenix.


The Phoenix Rises

2015 Commanders

Spencer Alexander ’15               

Elizabeth Appleby                       

Elizabeth Barker ’70

Michael Copps  

Mary Jo DiMento                        

Jim Dunaway    

Sue Foster        

Chad Gregory   

TJ Gunnerman ’05

Mark Hayes ’02

Sylvia Heer       

Charles "Dusty" Heer ’64

Amy Hogan      

Erin Holstein ’05

Stefania Ianno ’05

Jim Inglis ’59B

Drayton Jones ’60C

Vicki Layhew    

Kathyrn Lester  

Rachael Lieblien-Jurbala ’15

Jeffery Mangram                        

Will Maresco ’15

Silviana Medina-Dooher              

Cole Meier ’15

Mary Morocco ’15

Pamela M. (Usiatynski) Pollack ’05

Olivia Sheppard ’15

Courtney Stewart ’05

Bethany Stewart ’99

Mirielle Verley   

Griffin Walsh ’15


2014 Commanders

Adhana Asfaw ’14

Marilyn Alberding

Simon Bruno ’14

Paul Clark ’52B

Patrick Danial ’98 (second citation)

Andrea Danial

John Danial

Cristina Danial ’01

Peter Dames '56 (second citation)

Hamish Gibbs ’14

Laurie Hadlick

Ruth Hancock ’40

Bill Koss ’61C

Dan Lear ’64HQ  (third citation)

Alan Marcum ’74

Alexia Melendez-Martineau ’14

Donna Meehan

Paul Morton ’59A (second citation)

B. Shay Ressnick-Gertz ’14

Rebecca Rhody

Philippe Schwimmer ’92

Lucy Zwigard ’14



2014 Companions

Baird Hansen ’71

Ron Osborn

Jay Wason ’74

Sara Wason ’74

2013 Inductees, Degree of Commander

Meghan Capeling ’13

Jayne Charlamb ’87

Bill Darrin ’63HQ (fourth award)

Chloe Gingold ’13

Emmett Greenleaf ’53HQ

Victoria Gregory ’13

William Kniesner ’13

Jim Lawrence, former faculty

Linda McGinley, faculty

Hannah Rosenstein ’13

Brian Sichol ’63A

Brian Thomas ’95


2013 Inductees, Degree of Companion

Mark Hayes ’02

Steve Herron ’03

Ally Reece ’11

Carla Torrillo ’03

Christine Woodcock-Dettor ’88

2012 Inductees, Degree of Commander

 Chuck Beeler ’54

Bob Casciola ’54A

Ted Curtis, faculty

Pat Danial ’98

Howell Estes ’60HQ (fifth award)

Kent Gills ’62B

Laura Jordan, faculty

Jamie Lenore

Mark McDade ‘67B

Gerry Morse, former faculty (second award)

Helga Morse, friend

Charlie Petrolawicz  ’67HQ (third award)

Tom Rhoades ’59A

Andy Robinson ’94

Don Ridall, faculty

Linda Salter

Bob Tallgren ’54B            

Scott Wiggins, faculty

Stephen Wynn '59HQ


2012 Inductees, Degree of Companion

Bob Cryan '59HQ

Adam Fratto '89

Sandi Nathan

Andrea Wynn


2011 Inductees

Larry Adams ’59A

Trent Amond ’74, faculty

Janet Amond ’78

Russ Andrews ’64

Cherie Bisnett, faculty

Steve Burchesky ’66C (second award)

Tom Denton ’65, former faculty

Dick Doust ’61

Tracy Frank, faculty

Keith Gatling, faculty

Had Fuller ’60A

Steve Johnson ’62

Laura Lavine ’73

Sue Leahey, faculty

Peter Manolakos, trustee

Tina Morgan, faculty

Claire Myers-Usiatynski ’72

Ed Nathan ’61HQ (second award)

Jenn Neuner, faculty

Lloyd Osgood ’67HQ

Bob Pratt ’67HQ

Nat Reidel ’65

Paul Silverstein ’67B

Eric Spevak

Dave Temes ’97

Peter Terry, former faculty

Sylvie Terry, former faculty

George Urist, trustee

Josh Wells ’89


2010 Inductees

Maureen Anderson, faculty

Rolly Anderson ’66B (second award)

Baxter Ball, faculty

Sue Bahner, former faculty

Reverend Suzi Bahner Harriff, friend

Fred Benedict ’58A

Chris Ellis ’68HQ

John Ellis ’67HQ

John Lenore ’47A

Paul Morton ’59A

Bob Oberst ’59B

Bill Rezak ’59A

Chuck Richards ’59A

Ted Shiro ’47A

Tom Potter ’67B

Bob Theis ’67B

Reverend Guido Verbeck, friend



Over 1150 alumni, faculty, and friends of the School have been inducted into the Order of the Phoenix since its inception in 1919. 

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