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“MPH students are inspired to achieve, to strive for their personal best. Our teachers make learning exciting and the curriculum lets students discover areas of learning they’re passionate about exploring. When learning is interactive, engaging, and relevant, students develop a real drive to succeed.” ~ Scott Wiggins, Head of School   


“Why do I teach at MPH? Because of the sense of community among faculty members and students and because MPH students are truly interested in and invested in their education. This is a joy for a teacher.” ~ Beth Krauss, Science Teacher 


“What sets MPH apart is the deep collaboration students and teachers engage in every day. The real action takes place outside class in conversations aimed at improving students’ understanding and honing their work. Students know they can approach teachers for this counsel; teachers look forward to sharing it. In those interactions, something truly remarkable takes place.” ~ Edward Curtis, Head of Upper School                                                                                                                                


“MPH nurtures the social, intellectual, and creative development of children. Our students know that what they think really matters here so they love coming to school – and I love seeing them grow into confident, capable learners who can express their own ideas and navigate life.” ~Saralyn Lawn, Head of Lower School 


“I love teaching at an independent school where I’m free to shape my own curriculum to fit the needs and interests of my students. At MPH, we don’t teach to state-mandated tests; we teach to students’ passions, creativity, and curiosity.” ~ Patricia Bentley Hoke, English Teacher 


“There is something special about Middle School at MPH! The students are excited about learning, interested in deep topics, and willing to work hard to be academically successful. They’re not embarrassed by being smart.  I love working every day with our Middle Schoolers – their enthusiasm is contagious!” ~ Kendall Hoekstra, Head of Middle School 




“I love science! The difference between my old school and MPH is that, at my old school, we read about science. At MPH, we do science!” ~ Gavin Cardamone, MPH Class of 2020 



“At MPH, children have the opportunity to thrive not only academically, but as individuals. MPH helps foster a spirit of being citizens of the world. The fact that our children learn how to become part of other communities as well as the MPH community is significant to us.” Andre Martineau, MPH Parent



“The faculty members were one of my favorite parts of going to MPH. There was a high level of mutual respect between us, and our interactions were not limited to the classroom. Yes, they taught me the curriculum, but just as importantly, they taught me to be imaginative and to think critically -- skills I've appreciated in college, and will continue to appreciate for the rest of my life.”  Kaitlin Mahar, MPH Class of 2012; Massachusetts Institute of Technology Class of 2016


 “MPH has given me a secure environment for discovering my passions, like physics – and dance and theater, which I had no idea would become passions! My interests now are very diverse because MPH gave me the freedom and encouragement to explore new things.” ~ Zain Nizam, MPH Class of 2013, University of Miami Class of 2017     

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