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International Students

Program Overview

Manlius Pebble Hill School has a long history of welcoming students from around the globe into our Upper School and has recently hosted students from China, Korea, Africa, Finland, Hungary, Italy, Spain, Chile and India.  Our program is family-centered and values full cultural and academic immersion. Students live with host families, adapting to the lifestyle and expectations of an American household while maintaining a full-time course load at MPH.

International students who attend MPH will be challenged academically and will leave our School well prepared for study at an American college or university. In addition, they will gain a strong understanding of American culture and will have opportunities to pursue interests in the performing/fine arts, athletics and other extracurricular activities.

The dual nature of our program (academic and cultural) makes it a unique and fulfilling experience which will broaden students’ horizons and set them up for future success.  For full program information, please read the MPH International Student Handbook, a resource manual given to all students accepted into the program.

Language Requirements

Students must be proficient in the English language to be eligible for admission and must submit a TOEFL score as part of their application to MPH.

TOEFL Score:

MPH does not set a minimum TOEFL score for admission.  We review each applicant’s portfolio in its entirety before making an admissions decision (please refer to the Application Requirements section below for the complete list of application items). It may be helpful to know that students admitted to MPH have had an average TOEFL score of 55 or higher (Grade 9), 65 or higher (Grade 10) and 75 or higher (Grade 11).

ELL (English Language Learners) Program:

To support academic success, students are enrolled in an English Language Learner (ELL) program instructed by Certified ELL Faculty.  The ELL courses are intended to improve proficiency in listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.  We offer courses of intermediate and advanced levels to support academics in other content areas. International students remain in the ELL program while enrolled at MPH unless it is determined that their proficiency level is sufficient for Upper School course work. Click here for more detailed information on the ELL courses offered at MPH.

Housing Arrangements: The Host Family Program

Our program provides students with a deeper awareness and understanding of the American lifestyle by placing students with host families approved by the School.  Hosts will provide students with a room, meals, household amenities and transportation to and from school.  In addition, they offer support to ensure that students have a positive experience both at school and at home. The cost of attendance includes a Housing Fee that is paid to the School at the time of enrollment.*

 *The entire Housing Fee is allocated to the host family to cover the costs associated with hosting a student.

Visa Requirements

International students must obtain an F-1 student visa to attend MPH.  Students admitted into the program will be issued an I-20 form upon receipt of all required enrollment paperwork and payment in full for MPH tuition and fees.  The I-20 must be submitted to the American Consulate in the student’s home country as part of their visa application.

Cost of Attendance

Specific information on Tuition and Fees is provided below.  In addition, students are responsible for the cost of transportation to, from, and within the United States, field trips, school supplies, entertainment, personal effects, etc.  International students must also purchase comprehensive health/medical insurance before entering the United States. 

While the host family is expected to include students in family activities, they are not expected to provide any expense other than housing, meals, and transportation to school and school functions.

Full payment for Tuition and Fees is due at the time of enrollment.

Tuition and Fees - 2014/2015 Academic Year


Grade 9

Grade 10

Grade 11





School Fees*




International Student Fee




New Student Deposit**




Housing Fee








 * School Fees include books, technology and infrastructure fees.

** The New Student Deposit is refundable upon graduation provided there are no uotstanding charges on the student's account.



MPH accepts international students entering Grades 9-11 for the full academic year.  We do not accept students for January semester, nor do we accept students for their senior year.

The application for the 2014-2015 school year will be available online beginning January 2, 2014.  Space in the program is limited- apply early for the best chance of securing an available spot. Applications will continue to be accepted until all available spaces are filled. 

Spaces are currently available for Fall 2014 in the following grades:

Grade 9

Grade 10

Grade 11


How to Apply:

1. Complete the MPH Admission Application Form online (a $60 application fee applies). 


Supplemental Application Items:

Once you have submitted the online application, you will receive an email with instructions on how to submit the required supplemental application items listed below:

  • Certified School Transcript –must be notarized and translated into English by a certified translating service.
  • Student Questionnaire- completed in English and in your original handwriting
  • Academic Recommendation Forms –recommendations are required from your Math and English Instructors.
  • Personal Recommendation Form- this may be completed by a coach, music instructor, counselor or teacher.
  • TOEFL Score –Applicants can register for the TOEFL Internet-based Test here and should arrange to have the scores sent directly to MPH (DI code is 2389)
  • Student Interview- qualified applicants will be contacted by the Director of Admission or International Student Coordinator to schedule an admissions interview by Skype.

Final Decision and Enrollment

Admission Decisions are made on a rolling basis and are communicated via email.  Students offered admission will be given instructions regarding enrollment in their acceptance email.

Contact Us

For more information, please contact:

Nicole Cicoria
Director of Admissions
315/446-2452, ext. 131