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Financial Information

Manlius Pebble Hill School is an independent school that operates on the Tuition and Fee schedule posted below. 

Financial Aid & Scholarships

We are committed to working with families of qualified students to make enrollment possible.  You may be surprised to learn that roughly 50% of MPH students receive some type of financial help from the School. The Office of Admissions works closely with each family during the admissions process to determine eligibility for available aid and scholarships.

  • Need-based Financial Aid is available in all grade levels (PK-12) and is awarded to families who cannot afford the full cost of enrollment. All families are given the opportunity to apply for Financial Aid by completing the Parents’ Financial Statement through School & Student Services (SSS) once they’ve submitted an online application for admission to MPH.
  • Scholarships are available for students applying to Middle & Upper School who demonstrate exemplary academic or extracurricular strengths. While most scholarships are awarded as part of Financial Aid packages, there are sometimes smaller merit-based scholarships available to students without financial need. All applicants are automatically considered for scholarships available at the time their application is reviewed.  If additional items are required to be considered for a specific scholarship (i.e. portfolio or essay), our Admissions staff will directly notify applicants to keep them informed.

While we do our best to help as many families as possible, our resources are ultimately limited.  For that reason, we strongly recommend applying to MPH as early as possible for the best chance of receiving financial assistance or scholarships. 

Payment Plans

Manlius Pebble Hill partners with FACTS Tuition Management to offer a variety of payment plans to help families budget the cost of enrollment throughout the year. Families select their preferred payment plan at the time of enrollment.

2014-15 Tuition and Fee Information

Grade Tuition Lunch Fees Acc. Ins.
Prekindergarten $14,095 --* $945 $40
Kindergarten $15,400 --* $945 $40
Grade 1 and 2 $15,700 $700 $1,195 $40
Grade 3 and 4 $15,845 $700 $1,195 $40
Grade 5 and 6 $16,005 $800 $1,320 $40
Grade 7 $16,885 $800 $1,320 $40
Grade 8 and 9 $17,595 $800 $1,320 $40/50
Grade 10 $18,365 $800 $1,345 $50
Grade 11 $18,790 $800 $1,395 $50
Grade 12 $19,060 $800 $1,620 $50



Current MPH Families

Access the FACTS Tuition Management System to create an account or sign into your payment plan.

Contact Us

For more information, please contact:

Nicole Cicoria Director of Admissions 315/446-2452, ext. 131 ncicoria@mph.net