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Senior Thesis Project

Seniors at Manlius Pebble Hill are expected to complete a Senior Thesis Project (STP) as part of their final year. The STP is intended to help students become project managers by taking on projects that have deep personal meaning and providing a unique self-directed opportunity for learning and growth.

Creating an official Senior Thesis Project is a multi-step process; the first step is to complete and submit an STP Proposal. From there, students convene a STP Committee that includes an MPH and community mentor to review the proposal and offer feedback based on the merit, scope, and sustainability of the project. Once the proposal is revised and approved by the STP Panel, the student begins doing action research, studying previous approaches, obstacles and perspectives that convey the complexity surrounding their chosen issue. The Senior Thesis Project concludes with a Gallery Event that is a public sharing of the student’s work and accomplishments toward this worthy cause. Culminating events can be performances, presentations, or public events but must convey the action taken in addressing a given issue or cause. Finally, students are asked to complete a Reflection Paper to summarize the learning that has occurred as a result of their STP experience. Students who do not wish to participate in the STP process are expected to attended classes and sit for final exams alongside juniors and underclassmen.

Quarter 3 Assignment

View the 2013-14 STP Handbook here.


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