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 Welcome parents!  We hope you will find information here from a variety of sources on topics of interest to your child's school and social life. We'd love to hear from you about these resources - or anything else related that you'd like to share. Hope to see you here, or face-to-face soon.

Looking for books to get your child reading? Find links to reviews of books in the  Recommended Reading section of the library webpage for each division.

Social Networking & Technology Topics

Users of technology and social networking software are getting younger and younger. It may not be FaceBook, but anyone with a Gmail account has access to social networking features. Read what some experts think about the issues this raises for schools and students and link to resources here and below.

Read MPH Parent Tips (pdf) for Using Technology Safely and Sensibly

Visit the links below for more Tech guidelines, tips and advice:

ChildNet International has created an easy-to-use guide for using CHAT in games, mobile devices and more.

Library Resources

Search the MPH LIBRARY CATALOG for books on a variety of parenting issues

Looking for HOMEWORK help?

  • Visit the award-winning Khan Academy (from Algebra to Calculus & Physics and more)

Questions or comments? Contact Ms Clark or Mrs. Morrison