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Begin research with the LIBRARY CATALOG or an Online Database

  • In the catalog, be sure to review WEBSITES (top right) too 
  • Try the online encyclopedia Britannica (see online databases link above)

Did you love The Hunger Games? Find more books like it here or get a recommendation or try What Should I Read Next

Need to create a bibliography? Use EasyBib - FIRST TIME USERS REGISTER FROM MPH ACCOUNT

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Do you have test anxiety? Need tips for solving word problems? Want to be better at memorization? Learn STUDY SKILLS.

A word about using Wikipedia. Wikipedia is a handy research tool if you know its strengths and weaknesses. Since it can be edited by non experts, there's a smart way to use it and HERE IS THE KEY: always go to the EXTERNAL LINKS and REFERENCES sections and use those links as a second source for the original article.

To recommend a book for the library or to submit a question/comment, email Mrs. Morrison