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Great blog about 21st century learners, with a focus on Bloom's taxonomy. This collection of 21st Century school tools is low-fi but well organized. Includes music, mapping and graphing tools.

Did you know teachers get discounts in ALL SORTS of places?

Check out the New York School of the Future and its resources for authentic assessment.

Article about best practices for praising student effort

LS faculty see Ms. Morrison for nice title lists, by genre, that are LEVELED using F&P like this one.

Confused about fair use and copyright? Read this or see Ms. Morrison for copyright advice. Univ of Toronto has teacher tips for deterring plagiarism & read Liza's related tips for students

More resources I recommend:

  • WolframAlpha simply amazing tool for calculating and quantifying the world
  • The BBC for great animated videos, games and learning tools
  • StumbleUpon find sites you like based on your ratings of sites
  • Learn via video to use Flip Cameras (or see me for a handout)
  • Type your subject into AWESOME STORIES for primary material
  • Great rubric creator for assessing powerpoint & multimultimedia

Locate video clips, audio, and other multimedia for classroom use:

Did you know there is an education radio show called BAM? Check it out.

5 Key Concepts of Media Literacy

More Tech Resources:

  • Keys to using Powerpoint in your classroom (DOs and DON'Ts)
  • Teach your student to use SAFE SEARCH in GOOGLE and YOUTUBE (scroll to bottom of page and turn SAFETY MODE on)

Looking for resources related to Native American culture and history?

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