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Faculty Directory

MPH's experienced faculty is recruited from both private and public institutions. In addition to being outstanding in their individual disciplines, each brings a distinct personality and a unique style of teaching to the classroom. Outside the classroom, faculty members wear many hats, acting as advisors, mentors, coaches, chaperones for school events, and above all, friends. Students and teachers share many experiences together.

All faculty and staff are listed below in alphabetical order. 

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Amy Terpening Abdo
315-446-2452 Ext. 321
4th/5th Grade Humanities Teacher
B.A., University at Buffalo
M.A., New York University
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Bonnie Adams
315-446-2452 Ext. 127
Registered Nurse
B.A., Towson University
B.S., Old Dominion University
M.P.H., Walden University
Maureen Anderson
315-446-2452 Ext. 136
Director of Alumni Relations
B.Sc., Leeds University
United States Professional Tennis Association
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Sylvia Angeli-Heer
315-446-2452 Ext. 316
Co-Director Extended Day Program
Certified Teacher's Assistant
Elizabeth Appleby
315-446-2452 Ext. 119
Director of US Operations
B.A., SUNY at Buffalo
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Jennifer Baker
315-446-2452 Ext. 166
Visual Arts Department Chair
M.A., University of the Arts, Philadelphia
B.F.A., Temple University
Mary Kay Bauman
315-446-2452 Ext. 110
Attendance Officer
B.A., Kutztown University
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Leigh Bergman
315-446-2452 Ext. 163
Strings Instructor
B.M., Syracuse University
M.A., Syracuse University
Kristin Bernazzani
315-446-2452 Ext. 133
College Counseling Coordinator/Registrar
Assistant to the Head of Middle School
B.A., Stonehill College
M.S.Ed., Illinois State University
M.S., Oswego State University
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Mary Elizabeth Bongiovanni
MS Communications, US Model United Nations
B.A., William Smith College
M.S., University of Pennsylvania
Karen Brang
315-446-2452 Ext. 360
Instructional Support, Grades 1-5
B.A., SUNY Cortland
M.S., SUNY Cortland
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Kristin Byers
315-446-2452 Ext. 165
Business Office Assistant
Albertine Cadin
315-446-2452 Ext. 302
B.S., Empire State College
M.S., Syracuse University
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Carolyn Cahill
French Instructor
B.A., Nazareth College
M.A., SUNY Albany
William Cardamone
315-446-2452 Ext. 139
Director of College Counseling
Girls Modified Soccer Asst Coach
B.A., Hamilton College
J.D., Vermont Law School
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Sarah Chhablani
315-446-2452 Ext. 156
History Teacher
Asst. Model UN coach
B.A., University of Chicago
M.Ed. , Marymount University
Nicole Cicoria
315-446-2452 Ext. 131
Director of Admissions
B.A., SUNY Geneseo
M.A., SUNY Cortland
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Margaret Clark
315-446-2452 Ext. 310
Lower School Librarian
B.A., Earlham College
M.L.S., Syracuse University
Colleen Congel
315-446-2452 Ext. 197
Director of Academic Support
B.A., SUNY Fredonia
M.A.T., Goucher College
Level I, Wilson Reading Certified
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Michael Copps
315-446-2452 Ext. 305
Vocal Music
B.M., SUNY Potsdam
Amy Critz
315-446-2452 Ext. 120
Assistant to the Head of School
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Edward Curtis
315-446-2452 Ext. 355
Senior Administrative Dean, History
B.A., Hamilton College
M.A., University of Rochester
Bruce Dayton
Executive Director of Model United Nations
PH.D., Syracuse University
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William Derschang
315-446-2452 Ext. 157
Director of Data Management and Support
B.S. , Le Moyne College
M.B.A., Le Moyne College
Mary Jo DiMento
315-446-2452 Ext. 307
B.S. , SUNY Oneonta
M.S., SUNY Oneonta
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Franklin Dunlap
315-446-2452 Ext. 132
Maintenance Staff-Evening
Timothy Fesko, Jr.
315-446-2452 Ext. 300
Math, AP Economics
Girls Modified Soccer Coach
BA, Hamilton College
MA, SUNY Empire State College
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Susan Foster
315-446-2452 Ext. 334
Science Department Chair
B.A., Hamilton College
M.A., SUNY Cortland
Wei Gao
315-446-2452 Ext. 144
Asian Language Instructor
B.A., Beijing University
M.A., Syracuse University
Ph.D. Program, Syracuse University
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Annmarie Gregory
315-446-2452 Ext. 147
Vocal Music
B.M., SUNY Potsdam
M.M., Syracuse University
Chad Gregory
315-446-2452 Ext. 313
B.S., Grove City College
M.S., Pennsylvania State University
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Abraham Guerrero
315-446-2452 Ext. 162
IT Coordinator, Malone Schools Online Network
B.S., LeMoyne College
Charles Heer
315-446-2452 Ext. 315
Co-Director Extended Day Program
Certified Teacher's Assistant
Degree Pending, University of Wisconsin
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Theresa Henderson
315-446-2452 Ext. 134
Art Instructor
B.A., Maryland Institurte College of Art
M.A., Syracuse University
Kendall Hoekstra
315-446-2452 Ext. 146
Head of Middle School, Math
B.A., Boston College
M.S. in Teaching & Curriculum , Syracuse University
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Mark Hoekstra
315-446-2452 Ext. 335
Girls Varsity Tennis Coach
B.S., US Naval Academy
M.S.I.E, Purdue University
Amy Hogan
315-446-2452 Ext. 320
B.A., LeMoyne College
M.S., Syracuse University
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Patricia Bentley Hoke
English, Girls Varsity Soccer Coach
B.A., Williams College
Lyndsay Hollis
315-446-2452 Ext. 142
Interim Director of Communications
B.S., The S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University
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Richard Huyge
315-446-2452 Ext. 152
Band Instructor
B.A., Western Michigan University
M.A, University of St. Thomas
Katharine Johnson
315-446-2452 Ext. 336
B.A., Mount Holyoke College
M.Ed., Xavier University
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Melissa Kershner
315-446-2452 Ext. 323
B.S., Elmira College
M.S., Reading Education, SUNY Oswego
Patricia Kinneally
315-446-2452 Ext. 312
BA, Ithaca College
MA, Binghamton University
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Alexander Koziara
Stage Design
B.F.A., M.F.A., Purchase College
Michele Koziara
315-446-2452 Ext. 168
Performing Arts Department Chair, Dance
B.F.A., Purchase College
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Beth Krauss
315-446-2452 Ext. 333
B.S., State Univ. of NY at Fredonia
M.A., State Univ. of NY at Binghamton
M.A.T., Empire State College
Gabrielle Kroner
Upper School Play Director
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Juhee LaHaye
315-446-2452 Ext. 121
Assistant to the Head of Lower School
B.S., Allegheny College
B.A., Allegheny College
Saralyn Lawn
315-446-2452 Ext. 162
Head of Lower School
B.A., SUNY Potsdam
M.A., Nazareth College
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Vicki Layhew
315-446-2452 Ext. 322
4/5 Bridge Science
B.S., SUNY Oswego
Sue Leahey
315-446-2452 Ext. 144
Director of Community Programs
B.S., SUNY Brockport
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Alexandre Leclercq
315-446-2452 Ext. 115
Dean of Students
Maitrise, Ecole de Commerce Europeenne de Bordeaux
M.A., Syracuse University
April LePage
315-446-2452 Ext. 117
Assistant to the Director of Admissions
B.A., St. Lawrence University
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Kathryn Lester
315-446-2452 Ext. 328
4/5 Bridge Humanities
B.S. , SUNY Fredonia
M.S., SUNY Fredonia
Joseph Longden
Maintenance Staff
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Kristen Luke-Houseman
315-446-2452 Ext. 153
Health and Wellness Department Chair, Registered Nurse
A.A.S. Nursing, SUNY Morrisville
B.A. , Colgate University
Sexuality Education Certified
Linda McGinley
315-446-2452 Ext. 331
Lower School Art
B.S., College of St. Rose
M.F.A., Rochester Institute of Technology
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Silviana Medina-Dooher
315-446-2452 Ext. 309
B.A., Buena Vista University
M.A., Syracuse University
Donna Meehan
315-446-2452 Ext. 332
Mathematics Department Chair
B.S., SUNY Oswego
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Fred Montas
315-446-2452 Ext. 348
English Department Chair
B.A., Wesleyan University
A.B.D., Cornell University
Tina Morgan
315-446-2452 Ext. 124
Director of Advancement
B.S., Northwestern University
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Liza Morrison
315-446-2452 Ext. 114
Director of Information Services
B.S., Cornell University
M.L.S., Syracuse University
Richard Moseson
Weiqi/Baduk Club Advisor
MathCounts Advisor
B.A., Oberlin College
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Bari Nardella
315-446-2452 Ext. 369
Director of Physical Education, Girls JV Tennis Coach
B.S., Rutgers University
Robert Nasiff
Chess Coach
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Mandi Neave
315-446-2452 Ext. 308
Second Grade
B.S., SUNY Cortland
M.S., Le Moyne College
Jennifer Neuner
315-446-2452 Ext. 116
Director of Special Events, Webmaster
Senior Thesis Project Coordinator
B.A., SUNY Potsdam
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William O'Malley
315-446-2452 Ext. 339
World Languages Department Chair
Boys JV Soccer Coach, Varsity Golf Coach
B.A., University of Scranton
M.A., Kent State University
John Ochoa
315-446-2452 Ext. 118
Interim Chief Financial Officer
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Lori Ott
315-446-2452 Ext. 337
Third Grade Teacher
B.A., East Stroudsburg University
M.F.A., Yale School of Drama
MST Inclusive Childhood Education 1-6, Le Moyne College
William Preston
315-446-2452 Ext. 325
B.A., Northwestern University
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Dana Reid
315-446-2452 Ext. 123
International Student Coordinator
B.S., SUNY Oswego
M.S., Syracuse University
Rebecca Rhody
315-446-2452 Ext. 140
Assistant Director and Registration Coordinator of Community Programs
Bryant and Stratton College
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Donald Ridall
315-446-2452 Ext. 128
Director of Athletics
Boys Varsity Soccer Coach
B.S. , SUNY Cortland
M.S., SUNY Cortland
Kelly Rose
315-446-2452 Ext. 112
Director of Development
B.A., Le Moyne College
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Danielle Sanford
Community Programs/Front Desk Substitute
Beth Scott
315-446-2452 Ext. 363
SAA Registered Suzuki Teacher
B.A. , Colgate University
B.S. , Columbia University
M.S.Ed. , Binghamton University
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Caroline Sheffield
Mathematics Instructor
B.S, University of Nebraska at Omaha
B.A, Columbia College
Greg Sommer
315-446-2452 Ext. 171
4/5 Bridge Math
B.S., SUNY Fredonia
M.S., SUNY Cortland
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Matt Spear
315-446-2452 Ext. 326
History Department Chair
B.A., Binghamton University
M.S., Syracuse University
Erica Stark
315-446-2452 Ext. 172
World Languages
Varsity Cross-Country Coach, Modified Track Coach
B.A., Elmira College
M.S., SUNY Cortland
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Emily Steele
School Psychologist (Jamesville-DeWitt)
B.A., Wittenberg University
M.S., Syracuse University
John Stegeman
315-446-2452 Ext. 186
Head of Upper School, History
B.A., University of Colorado at Boulder
M.A., SUNY Brockport
M.Phil, Syracuse University
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Pamela Stewart
315-446-2452 Ext. 354
B.S., Western Connecticut State University
Ryan Strader
315-446-2452 Ext. 161
Physical Education
Boys Modified Soccer Coach, Asst. Track Coach
B.S., SUNY Cortland
M.S. (in progress)
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Joy Strickland
315-446-2452 Ext. 125
Director of Counseling
B.A., Trinity College
M.A., Columbia University
M.S., Syracuse University
Christy Tuohey
Journalism Teacher
B.A., Marshall University
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Matthew Twomey-Smith
315-446-2452 Ext. 329
Varsity Track Coach
B.A., University of Liverpool, UK
M.S.Ed. , The College of Saint Rose
M.A. & M.Ph., and Ph.D Candidate, Syracuse University
Mirielle Verley
315-446-2452 Ext. 357
Lower School Teaching Assistant
A.S., Cazenovia College
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Matthew Vural
315-446-2452 Ext. 318
B.S., Duke University
Richard Walters
Driver Education
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Karen Weidner
315-446-2452 Ext. 358
B.S., Kent State University
Kelly Wells
315-446-2452 Ext. 350
First Grade
B.S., SUNY Cortland
M.S., Le Moyne College
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Bob West
315-446-2452 Ext. 317
Driver Education
Scott Wiggins
315-446-2452 Ext. 129
Head of School
B.A., Boston University
J.D., Arizona State University
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Erica Wild
315-446-2452 Ext. 304
L.A.S., Cayuga Community College
B.A., SUNY Cortland
M.S., SUNY Cortland
Gary Winslow
315-446-2452 Ext. 132
Director of Facilities
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Derek Wolfanger
315-446-2452 Ext. 151
Assistant Athletic Director
Varsity Boys Lacrosse Coach and Modified Girls Volleyball Coach
B.S., Syracuse University
Dawn Wood
315-446-2452 Ext. 141
Associate Business Manager
B.S., State University of New York at Oswego
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Ryan Zlomek
315-446-2452 Ext. 306
B.A., SUNY Binghamton
B.S., SUNY Binghamton
M.F.A., SUNY Buffalo

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